Patras - Peloponnese - 07/04/2024

Patras Halfmarathon 2024

The Patras Half Marathon is an initiative of the newspaper PELOPONNISOS and the Sports club A.O. PELOPAS, in co-organization with the Region of Western Greece and will take place for the second time on Sunday, April 7, 2024.

At the same time, on the same day, a 5 km and 1 km road race for children will be held:

1      Date of Conduct

Sunday, April 7, 2024

2      Details of Road Races

2.1    Half Marathon Race

Distance: 21,097 m.

Start Time: 9:00 am

Start/End: King George A΄Square

Description of the route: Flat route of a distance of 21,097m. starting and ending at the same point, which moves mainly along the city's sea front.

Race course:

1.      Start on King George A Square towards Corinthou str (heading towards Athens)

2.      Left turn on Ermou str.

3.      Right  turn on Othonos and Amalias str – continue on Iroon Polytechniou str.

4.      U – turn at Panagioti Kanellopoulou str.

5.      Along Iroon Polytechniou str and on Othonos and Amalia str and in the extension to Akti Dymaion and Local Road from Patras to Pyrgos.

6.      U turn shortly after October 28th str.

7.      Following Local road from Patras to Pyrgos – Akti Dymaion str – Othonos and Amalia str – Iroon Polytechniou str.

8.      Right turn on Ermou str.

9.      Right turn on Korinthou str.

10.  Finish at King George A Square.


2.2    5 km Race

Start Time: 12:05 pm

Start/End: King George A΄Square

Description of the route: Flat route of 5km distance. which moves along part of the Half Marathon race.

Race course:

1. Start on King George A Square towards Corinthou str (heading towards Athens)-

2. Left turn on Ermou str

3. Left turn on Othonos and Amalias str – continue on Akti Dymaion

6. U- turn shortly after Eleftheriou Venizelou str.

7. Right turn on Ermou str

8. Right turn on Korinthou str

9. Finish at King George A Square


2.3    Road Race 1 km. for children

Start Time: 13:00

Start/End: King George A΄Square

Description of the route: Flat route of 1km distance. which moves along part of the Half Marathon route.

Race course :

1.      Start on King George A΄ Square towards Corinthou str (heading towards Athens)

2.      Left turn on Ermou str

3.      Left turn on Othonos and Amalias str

4.      U- turn shortly (25 m after, Gerokostopoulou str. on Othonos & Amalias str (opposite   direction towards Athens)

5.      Right turn on Ermou str

6.      Right turn on Korinthou str

7.       Finish at King George A΄Square

3      Right to Participate

1.    Men and women who have reached the age of 18 have the right to participate in the Half Marathon race, while for the 5km race. they must have completed the 12th year of age. In the 1km race. children between the ages of 6 and 12 will have the right to participate.

2.    For all runners under the age of 18, the application for participation must be submitted by the custodial parent. By submitting the respective participation application, it is considered that the parent's consent has been given for the child's participation in the Competition.

3.    The race will take place in accordance with the instructions of the EOPY and based on the epidemiological data that will prevail during the period of the race.

4.    In any case, the organizers reserve the right to change the conditions of participation.


4      Distinctions - Awards - Cash Prizes

4.1    Awards

The first three winners of the overall classification of Men and Women of all Races are awarded a medal (gold, silver and bronze) and a commemorative diploma. Cup is awarded only to the first male and female athlete of each Track.

In addition, the following monetary prizes are established:

- Position Amount (€)- Position

Men's Category

Women's Category


Amount (€)


Amount (€)


























* A condition for the payment of the above monetary prizes is the achievement of a performance of better than 1:10:00 for men and 1:20:00 for women.

4.2    Age categories

Awards will be held for both men and women in the following age categories (Half Marathon only):

Up to 29






The awards’ ceremonies will take place in Vas. Georgiou A Square immediately after the completion of each match.

In the Road Race 5km. the ranking in the age category will be demonstrated in the official results and on the commemorative diploma.

All runners who reach the finish line will be given a commemorative medal and it will be possible to print an electronic certificate of participation once the final results are official.


4.3    Special Prizes

4.3.1   Corporate Race

As part of the 5 km Road Race, there will also be a corporate race. Companies of the private or public sector (commercial companies, banks, gyms, educational institutions, chambers of commerce, industries, technology and telecommunication companies, etc.) will be eligible to participate. For a team to participate it must have at least 5 finishers. The employees of each company as well as those who have a professional or friendly relationship with it have the right to participate, provided that they have been declared by the head of the respective corporate group.

The size of the team, as well as the performances of its members, will be evaluated for the classification of the race. All team members will be ranked in the regular race as well.


4.3.2   Group with the most participants

Award will be given to the team with the most participants, based on those who have reached the finishing line of each team. The teams that will take part in the corporate race may also participate in this category.


4.3.3   Fastest team

Finally, a special prize will also be awarded to the fastest team (from each team the average of its three best runners will be calculated and based on this performance the winning team will be selected).

*All teams are mixed. 5. Submissions of Participation – Ways of Registration – Types of Registration


4.4    Declarations of Participation

Submissions for participation for the Half Marathon, 5 km. and 1km, race will be done ONLY ONLINE and will be completed until Wednesday March 27, 2024.

For those participants having completed their registration by Friday, March 21, 2024, their name will be written on the participation number.

In the event that due to the pandemic or any other reason there is a limitation in the number of participants in all courses, reaching the limit, participations, as well as the possibility of payment will stop automatically without the need for relevant information.


4.5    Methods of Registration

Participation SUBMISSIONS will only be made online through the official website of the race


4.6    Types of Registration and participation packages

Registrations are divided into:

• Individual

• Group

• Elite athletes


4.6.1   Individual

Individual type is made by individuals.

In case of receiving another runner's package, it is necessary to show a photocopy of the ID or passport of the representee (person represented).

During the operation of the Registration Center, underage runners who have registered individually must present their ID (for those over the age of 12) or a declaration of consent from the guardian, in order to receive their package.

The children who will take part in the 1km race. should attend with their guardian.

4.6.2   Group

Group, for 5 people or more, without limitation in the choice of Road Race. Group registrations on  sports’ clubs, running clubs, gyms, companies, schools, private and public organizations, travel agencies, but also groups of people in general who wish to participate as a group.

When registering as a team, a team leader is appointed, who can be a runner himself. In any case, the Team leader represents the team on various issues vis-à-vis the organizers.

The team leader, when receiving his team's packages, should have his police ID or other identification document with him.

If it is not possible for the team leader to receive the packages, his replacement must officially be indicated in the organization, as a representative of the team, who must carry an official identification document and the proof of the deposit of the price of the participation of the group.

In the event that there are underage runners in the team, the team leader bears all responsibility for providing the declarations of consent of the guardians of every underage runner, in order to receive their packages.

4.6.3   Elite Athletes

The organization will provide a certain number of free entries to athletes who have achieved in the last 2 years performances better than those listed in the table below in official competitions.







Half Marathon



10 km



5 km



The achievement of the specific performances is not binding for the organizing committee. The final selection will be done by the organizing committee informing the interested athletes. The organizing committee reserves the absolute right to select the Elite athletes.

Interested runners should contact the organizers of the event at [email protected] at least 3 weeks before the race, stating in addition to their name and date of birth, the performance they have achieved and the year and event they succeeded the score.

4.7    Κατηγορίες και παροχές πακέτων συμμετοχής

Each runner either individually or as a team registered for the Half Marathon and 5km races. can choose between the two available participation packages: the Simple or the Enhanced package.

Membership with the Simple package includes the following:

Entry number, electronic timing, catering along the route and at the finish, health and liability insurance coverage, storage of personal belongings, commemorative medal and electronic participation certificate, bag for storing/carrying personal belongings, discounts at partner catering and hospitality businesses in the city of Patras.

The participation with the Enhanced package includes all the above as the Simple package and in addition the commemorative specially designed technical t-shirt of the event.

In the children's 1 km race there is only one package and it includes the following:

Entry number, electronic timing, catering, health and liability insurance coverage, commemorative medal and electronic certificate of participation.

5      Participation Fee and Payment Methods

5.1    Participation Fee

The participation fee per Road Race is shown in the table below:

Half marathon



Team registration Full

Team registration

Registration until 31.12.2023





Registration until 7.2.2024





Registration until 27.3.2024





Until participation packages sold out






5 km Race



Ενισχυμένο Ομαδικό

Απλό ομαδικό

Registration until 7.2.2024





Registration until 27.3.2024





Until participation packages sold out






5.2    Payment Methods

Online payment by credit, debit or prepaid card through the official website

ATTENTION: In order for a registration to be considered complete and for the participation to be valid, a participation application must have been made and the participation cost must be paid.

6      Receipt of Participation Package

The secretariat of the organization and the delivery of the race kit of the participants will be hosted at the premises of PELOPONNISOS newspaper at 206 Maizonos Street and Papaflessa in Patras.

The publishing group of the oldest regional newspaper opens its doors to welcome more than 2500 runners from Greece and abroad to the foyer area.

The secretariat will operate on the following days and hours:

• Friday 5/4 16:00 – 20:00

• Saturday 6/4 10:00 – 18:00

The secretariat will also operate on the day of the race in King Georg A square from 7:30 a.m. exclusively for runners who have completed registration and have with them the official email of the organization (electronically or in print) with their participation number.

No new registrations will be made on the day of the race.

The participation package will be received in person by showing proof of identity or the official email of the organization.

Collection can also be done on behalf of a third party by presenting the corresponding confirmation email in electronic or printed form.

7      Attendance of Runners - Storage of personal belongings

All runners must be at the starting area of their race at least 60 minutes before the start time.

On the day of the race, there will be a safety storage station for personal belongings in Vas. Georgiou A. Square. Only the storage/carrying bags provided by the organization will be accepted and the relevant sticker included in the participation package must be affixed.

8      Medical Coverage

The Medical services will be equivalent to the "Ideal level", as described in the relevant circular of the Federation.

In any case, all competitors participate at their own risk.

• The organizers have no responsibility for anything that happens, during the race, related to HEALTH issues and due to a lack of medical control prior to the race.

• It is recommended that participants have recently undergone medical examinations and have a medical certificate regarding the ability to participate in a sporting activity.

• The organizers will not request medical certificates for any athlete, since all participants compete under their own sole responsibility and minors under the responsibility of their guardians.


9      Support Stations

There will be 7 support stations for the particip[ along the Half Marathon route, starting from the 5th km or earlier in case of extreme weather conditions (high heat and humidity)

•        Bottled water is available to participants at the Finish as well as every 2.5 km. after the 5th km

•        Energy drink will be available at the stations at the 5th km at the 10th km, 15th km, 20th km,

•        Chemical toilets will be available at least every 5 km along the route

•        Medical support will be available at the start, at all stations along the route and at the finish.

•        Bottled water and energy drinks will be available at the finish for the Half Marathon runners.

10  Mileage Indications

On all routes there will be visible signs per kilometer.

11  Time Limit for Completing Games

The finish time limit for the Half Marathon race is 3 hours from the starting sign. For the 5km the corresponding limit is 55 minutes.

ATTENTION: Athletes who may continue their effort beyond the specified time limit, must know that they are running or walking at their own risk. Traffic police will hand over the racing route to traffic gradually, after the last runner has passed through the supply and aid stations within the set time limit.

12  Electronic Timing – Results

The electronic timing of all tracks as well as the calculation and publication of the results in real time will be undertaken by an official timing company.

Electronic control and timing mats for recording intermediate times will be available at (may increase):

•        Half marathon: at the start, at the turning points, and at the finish.

•        5,000m Road Race: at the start, at the turning points, and at the finish.

•        Competitors who do not show an electronic indication at the above-mentioned points will be canceled from the competitions.


13  Results

Unofficial results will be announced in real-time online, allowing anyone interested to file an appeal within five calendar days. The official results will be announced within ten working days.

14  Regulations

The competitions will be held according to the regulations of SEGAS, World Athletics and AIMS.

Any "external" help or escort during the race to the participating runners by escorts in any way or by means, without the prior approval of the organizers, is prohibited.

Runners must collect exclusively from the Registration Center their racing equipment, as well as the commemorative material of the event.


15  Terms of participation

All participants declare responsibly that they

- have recently undergone medical examinations and have no health problems in order to participate in the present sporting activity.

- fully accept responsibility for any injury or accident that may be caused to and from the venue of the match, or during it, as well as for what may occur during participation in the match such as falls (which may be caused during contact with other participants) bad weather conditions, traffic but also bad condition of the road surface.

- waive any claim from the organizers, sponsors and anyone directly or indirectly involved with the running of the race and accept that the above-mentioned persons bear no legal responsibility for what may arise during their participation.

- have a full vaccination certificate or disease certificate and agree to show it to the organizers at any time they are asked. The organizers have the right to change the announcement of the match, according to the epidemiological situation and the instructions of the competent bodies.



- Participants give their approval to the organizers to use their photos or videos from the race, or any other recording without having any financial requirement.

- The registration will be considered complete if both the electronic declaration of participation and the payment of the corresponding cost have been made. Bank or other costs are borne by the participant.

  - Payment of the participation fee must be made within 3 working days from the registration date, otherwise the registration will be considered invalid.

- Participation declarations are personal and are not transferred to third parties at any stage of the registration period.

- In the event that a participant who has completed his registration does not have the required supporting documents and all mentioned in the paragraph "Right to participate - Limit of Participation", he will lose his right to participate, he will be delivered his participation package except for the participation number with the timing chip (if desired) and will not be entitled to a refund of the entry fee.

- Cancellations of participation and refunds of participation costs will be made in cases where relevant requests have been submitted exclusively and only by e-mail until Friday, March 22, 2024 at 23:59. After this date, no cancellations and no refunds will be made. Refunds will be made within 30 days from the date of the match.

- In case of postponement of the event, the entries will be transferred to the new date that will be set by the organizing committee.

- Participating runners must wear their participation number, given to them by the Organizing Committee of the race, on the front of their chest. In any other case, they may be disqualified from the match.

- It is forbidden to help the runners from other competitors with bicycles. If something like this happens, the competitor will be automatically disqualified.

- The organizers have the right to change the conditions of participation or other elements of the announcement without prior notification, but after making the relevant announcement.

If you want to make a group registration, follow the link below.
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